2018 Acura TLX

2018 Acura TLX

The 2018 Acura TLX has received the model’s first update, and it is not a disappointment by any means. The original TLX, a sedan from Honda’s luxury vehicle division, premiered in 2014 to replace the TL and TSX sedans. The first TLX did a fine job establishing itself as a tech-laden, comfortable, smooth-driving luxury sedan but wasn’t as inspiring or exciting as its competition. This year, we think that will change. Building on its sturdy foundation, Acura redefined its build with stunning front-end styling and an alluring A-spec that sharpens the driver’s experience. Paired with a potent V6 engine, Acura’s Super-Handling All-Wheel drive, and excellent safety features, the new TLX furthers its viability in the already competitive market of luxury vehicles.

Though not quite prestigious as the 3 Series or the C-Class, the TLX is an excellent car that most would find hard to not enjoy. The new A-Spec model is a lively drive, though it doesn’t add power or launch the TLX into the same atmosphere as the M3 or S4. It does have a sport-tuned suspension, stiffening the body and lightening the load on the chassis. A larger stabilizer bar and stiffer spring rates sit at the core of the A-Spec. It has unique styling cues, a new steering ration, and an interior that deviates from the rest of the lineup. Each model receives an attractive remodel to the front-end. While both engines are an enjoyable ride, the A-Spec pairs beautifully with the TLX’s V6 to give drivers a smooth ride through corners.

Though all-wheel drive is available in many cars, the Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive system is different. Beyond the all-weather traction system it provides, the Acura TLX’s SH-AWD is a torque-vectoring setup. It routes torque to all four wheels, splitting power front and rear. It also splits power between the individual rear wheels, bettering the cornering and stability.

Inside the TLX the attention to detail is painstaking. Acura’s infotainment system has been updated, with the dual-screens now with streamlined menu’s and a faster response time. The top screen grants you access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto via a click wheel, freeing the lower screen for wider functionality. New this season is a surround-view camera system, heated steering wheel and rear seats, and built-in wireless charging. The V6 TLX comes with push-button transmission. The A-Spec comes with different gauges, a new steering wheel, and seats with more side bolstering. The interior isn’t the only thing that’s evolve this year, with the TLX’s exterior finally matching the luxurious interior. A clean pentagonal grille sits between sharp LED headlights, giving the front end a more youthful and fresh styling. Chrome accents, a grille filled with matte-black diamond accents, LED fog lights, a rear spoiler, and 19-inch “Shark Gray” wheels are available through the models as you upgrade.