Best GPS Vehicle Fleet Tracking Options

Best GPS Vehicle Fleet Tracking Options

GPS technology has come a long way from just showing people how to get from one place to another. Now you can monitor your whole fleet of vehicles, whether you have a few or a few hundred. Software today allows you to monitor almost everything that goes on with your vehicles. It starts with where they go, where they stop, and whether they went the right way. It continues with things like driver habits like harsh braking, speeding and how the driver is doing in general. In some software, you can change the route the driver needs to take while the vehicle is moving. While some might see this is watching employees too closely, it does provide proof that they were doing what they were supposed to. Here are three excellent systems for different sizes of fleets.

Verizon is one of the biggest phone companies, so it just makes sense they would be involved in this sort of technology. This software handles inventory tracking, mapping, various notification, maintenance reports, and the ability to know the exact location of any vehicle at any time. You may also manage all of this from a mobile device. You may also communicate with drivers through instant messages or update orders. While monitoring your vehicles, the software examines your routes and can make suggestions for improvement. With this software, you can do fuel management, scheduling of maintenance, and help make your business as efficient as possible. Customer service is also available during normal business hours, and that has received sound reviews. Other features include various alerts, notifications, maintenance reports as well as roadside assistance notifications.

Carlock is a software made by Protectus Technologies, and it offers car monitoring for safety and location. There are real-time car tracking and alert systems in this package. The system can alert you via phone or text when a vehicle is moved or in something unusual is detected. It also reports harsh acceleration or braking, sharp cornering and gives drivers monthly safety scores. This one also monitors the health of your vehicles and can warn you when something is wrong. It can tell you if your battery is low or being drained too fast, for instance. There is also detailed trim monitoring that is standard in this type of system. Protection against car theft is also provided, as you can shut the car down if it is moved without your approval. This software offers a ton of features. It is designed for small companies and can be used on just one car or bundled for as many cars as you need.

Another fleet tracking network that has good reviews is Fleetistics. You may use this software online with your computer, or with a mobile device. This software can be used on cars, buses or trucks - virtually any kind of vehicle. It includes real-time tracking so you know where all the vehicles are at any moment, and you can keep tabs on how your drivers are doing. It has a dispatch feature that allows you to plan the best route even as the vehicle is moving. This can also make dispatching easier. Weather and traffic reports are also available both to the driver and the manager. Engine diagnostics and fuel management is also part of the package. A driver ID feature allows you to also keep track of who is driving which vehicle. It also has excellent customer support ratings from people who have used the software. This is one that offers all the features you need, and it is flexible enough to handle any size of fleet.