Best Home Security Companies

Best Home Security Companies

Looking for a home alarm system? Unless you are home at all hours of the day, then a home alarm system is essential for any home or condo. Home robberies are quite common, affecting millions of Americans across the country. Burglars and home invaders alike prey on unsuspecting and unsecured homes without mercy and without a second thought. Home alarm systems can protect your home and your possessions around the clock. Whether you are out of the home for work or out of town for the weekend, home alarm companies can help you keep your home secure, so that your possessions remain in your possession. The best home alarm companies include ADT, LiveWatch and SimpliSafe. They can help you monitor your home effectively using the best technology and services available. If you are interested in a security system that’s right for your home, read on to learn more about the best home alarm systems.

ADT is one of the most popular and renowned home alarm system companies on the market. With ADT-Monitored services, your home is sure to have the protection it deserves and needs. Starting at $27.99 per month, you’ll get 24/7 home security that is sure to keep the burglars out of your house. Included with this monthly rate is up to $850 in home security equipment. A digital keypad, motion sensors and wireless door and window sensors are all included with this offer at no additional cost. ADT includes homeowner savings and a homeowner’s insurance certificate to ensure you are covered in the event of a robbery. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, so many customers have come to love ADT. But if for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with ADT services, you can get your money back upon request. Call at any time for a free quote.

LiveWatch is another terrific home alarm system company that offers inexpensive systems as low as $99 with no long-term contracts required. With LiveWatch you can customize your home security arrangement to support your own unique home. LiveWatch works during power outages, phone outages, and even broadband outages. Multiple hi-tech sensors and patented technology are designed to effectively keep out intruders and work remarkable well at all times. Video surveillance and carbon monoxide detection services are also available. Fast response times are a guarantee. Thanks to a low monthly rate, and easy installation, many customers are choosing LiveWatch for their home alarm system needs.

Finally, SimpliSafe offers Award-Winning and BBB Accredited services that everyone is talking about. Featured on MSNBC and Fortune, SimpliSafe uses up-to-date technology and honest business tactics to ensure the best security possible for your home at the best price. Using fast cellular connection, wireless sensors with broad range, power outage protection and smash-proof protection, your home will be safe no matter what occurs. Around the clock, 24/7, you can get professional monitoring with live text messages, email alerts, and mobile control. Smoke and fire detection are also included, alerting your family to fires in the home. Installation is free and takes less than an hour.