Best Personal Budgeting and Planning Software

Best Personal Budgeting and Planning Software

Tracking your personal budget and planning for your financial future is now easier than ever thanks to the many free personal apps that are currently available. While a customized Excel spreadsheet will conform to all of your habits and goals, these one-size-fits-all applications do offer many helpful features that are very user-friendly. Even if they do not fit your needs to a tee, these apps are effective in keeping all of your financial information in an easily accessible format that allows for streamlined budgeting and planning across many categories. Take a look at these three apps that are free, user-friendly, and get the job done.

Personal Capital captures all of your financial information and presents it in an easy to read dashboard. There are tracking features for both expenditures and investments and is one of the few free apps available that serves both of these needs well. One of the unique features offered by Personal Capital is their financial advisement that allows you to receive professional advice for a fee. This comprehensive service can meet all of your needs through an easy to use app with some worthwhile add-ons. This app is best for people with personal budget and investment planning needs.

You Need a Budget (YNAB) is perfect for consumers just starting out that want to take a more proactive role in managing their money. It analyzes your current spending habits to help you create a workable budget. This app is great for young professionals that have not started to invest yet and are looking to get a hold on their spending. This app will also help you to manage your budget in such a way that you will soon have funds available for saving and investing. YNAB is perfect for those looking to better understand and manage their expenses.

For those that are further along on the personal money management path, LearnVest combines a free app with premium services. Once you have an established budget and adhere to it on a fairly regular basis, LearnVest progresses with you. There are more financial planning and investment features included in the app, and for a $299 fee with a $19 per month subscription fee, you will also gain access to a personal financial advisor and more advanced investing and planning tools. LearnVest is a good fit for people that have their budget where they want it and are looking to move up to the next financial level.

Financial planning and budgeting are two key steps in creating a strong financial profile. Before you begin investing, be certain that you have your current plan as optimized as possible. Financial planning and investment advice can make all the difference in how well your money works for you and how comfortable your future can be. These apps are a good way to handle the majority of your financial needs yourself, with additional advisement as necessary. Wherever you are on your financial journey, one of these useful apps likely offers the financial structure that you need.