New iPhone X Features

New iPhone X Features

Is the new iPhone worth its $999 price tag? The jury appears to still be out. There are a number of benefits that the phone does offer, from its larger display screen and face recognition technology, causing the new X to be a hot topic around the nation’s water coolers. With pre-orders not possible until late-October, there is plenty of time to weigh the pros and cons of this latest Apple offering. The main features that are likely to compel consumers to stomach the hefty price tag are the end-to-end visual display, the improved camera that includes TrueDepth, and the wireless charging capabilities.

The gorgeous end-to-end display with OLED is nothing new, both Android and Samsung have devices offering these features. Of course, Apple’s version is more streamlined and incorporates their design flair that just makes their products look better to a lot of people. The 5.65-inch size offers a digital display equalling 5.8-inches when measured diagonally, and the quality is top-rate. This larger display is appealing to users that use their phones for watching movies and gaming as well as those that appreciate the larger area when reading the news or consuming other content. If you like the bezel-free display and prefer the iOS, then the X is the way to go.

Face recognition is just one benefit of the enhanced camera, and the front-facing technology is much improved with the X. The TrueDepth allows for better-looking photos that have a reduced amount of aperture. The flash technology included in the X is nearing camera level results and the world’s many selfie enthusiasts will surely find the better picture appearance a must-have. While the Face ID replaces the easy to use Touch ID it does make for a neat futuristic feature. It is likely that mapping and storing your face will be usable for other features such as payment and other features currently accessed through Touch ID.

The wireless charging capabilities are an exciting feature for anyone that has found themselves with a dying battery and no charger or electrical outlet available. While both wireless charging and the new A11 Bionic chip are available with the iPhone 8, the X is the only model that offers all of these new enhancements in a single device. The chip is the latest generation and will allow app developers to reach both early adopters as well as those that go with the less expensive iPhone 8.

It will be interesting to see what effect the hefty price tag has, if any, on those that choose to splash out for the X over the 8. There are of course the Apple diehards that have to have the newest and best devices, but regular consumers may just stick with what they have or upgrade to the 8. Apple is definitely blazing a trail in the industry with their face recognition and enhanced camera features, but will those enticements be enough for casual smartphone users? The iPhone has enjoyed high levels of demand with each iteration of its smartphone and it will be newsworthy if that trend ends with the launch of the iPhone X.