Paramedic and EMT Careers

Paramedic and EMT Careers

A career as an Emergency Medical Technician or EMT, can be rewarding both monetarily and personally, especially if you are looking to pursue a career path that is centered around helping others. There are few barriers to entry for this career, and in most cases, a high school diploma will be sufficient to get your start. With your high school diploma you will be eligible to pursue a certificate or an Associate’s degree in order to better position yourself in what can be a crowded field. If you are considering a career as a paramedic or EMT these three colleges offer accredited degree programs that will help you to kick-start your career.

University of California, Los Angeles has one of the largest and oldest paramedic programs in the country. This program is hybrid with both online and on-campus study required. There are modules on Tuesday and Thursday evenings which are conducted in a virtual classroom, with long weekends on campus also required. UCLA’s program enjoys a 90+% success rate with graduates employed in their chosen field within 6 months of completion. If you are in the Los Angeles area and are able to spend a number of weekends away from your family, this program is ideal. The class schedule will also allow you to continue working full-time as you complete the program.

Creighton University offers additional certification programs for people already working in the medical field. Their online courses do require one day on campus for orientation, and students are also required to have 30+ hours of fieldwork in addition to their web-based studies. This Jesuit school has offered emergency trauma medicine for over 50 years and is considered a leader in the field. If you are currently working as an EMT or paramedic and would like to widen your potential career opportunities, a specialized certification program at Creighton can help you further your career goals.

Eastern Kentucky University offers one of the most comprehensive online programs for both established emergency workers and those just beginning their careers. Their Associate’s degree in Paramedicine is the perfect way for medical professionals to continue their education while still working. Many of the courses will also count toward ongoing educational and training requirements. The programs available at EKU are 100% online and offer the necessary flexibility for students to complete the program on their own time schedule. If you are looking to enhance your career and open more career potential in your life, the Associate’s degree program at EKU is a great choice.

EMTs typically perform jobs that are life-saving in nature with many working as first responders in their communities. There are additional career opportunities available to paramedics, and while both positions start at the same relative level, there are many more opportunities to advance your career as a paramedic. Both online and hybrid options are available with many specialized certifications offered. Continuing your education can help you to focus your career in the exact field of expertise that you desire. These 3 online programs all offer accredited paramedic and EMT studies and can help you get your career started today.