Top 3 Business Management Books

Top 3 Business Management Books

If you are in a business environment and are looking for ways to hone your skills and performance in the hopes of career advancement, these three management books need to be on your to-do list! Not only do these books offer effective career advice, they can help you be a better manager as you work your way up the corporate ladder. Career development is often left up to the employees to handle themselves, and it is necessary to train and develop your skills independently of any corporate sponsored program. Take a look at these three books that you will likely find very informative and useful on your rise to the top.

First, Break all the Rules is one of the most popular business management guides, and with good reason. This compendium of interviews with top managers is insightful and has the added benefit of presenting relatable real-world examples of how managers create their success. This is a helpful guide for any manager that is working to encourage their team members to be their best selves and guide them to improved performance. The common theme is the manager’s willingness to break the rules and go against any conventional wisdom. This is a useful tool for creating a winning team and assisting employees in minimize their weaknesses while growing their strengths.

Now, Discover Your Strengths, by Marcus Buckingham, instructs readers to focus on their strengths, rather than their flaws when looking to improve their performance. Many managers simply focus on their team’s weaknesses, thereby stunting their growth and performance. He believes that a model that strengthens employees’ assets is much more productive than those that seek to minimize flaws. This book is helpful both in improving your own performance as well as giving you tips to lead and enhance the performance of your subordinates.

In spite of its lengthy title, this volume is extraordinarily helpful and will help you to dream big! Executive Thinking: The Dream, The Vision, The Mission Achieved is Leslie Kossoff’s guidebook to creating a vision and then growing the dream into reality. It offers a practical guide to putting systems in place that will allow you to see your vision become a reality and will also instruct you on how to work within current corporate culture realities. If you are looking to forge your own path in a company that operates under a strict corporate culture, you will likely find this book exceedingly helpful.

Succeeding in business is a combination of luck, timing, intellect, and most importantly, hard work. If you are looking to improve your own performance or that of your team, these three books will help you to achieve the success that you desire. Leaders are born, but effective managers can be trained. These guides offer a lot of wisdom on successfully navigating the business world that can pay dividends for both you and your managed team. There is likely something that can enhance the career success of many different types of managers in each of these books.