Top 3 Home Water Purification Systems

Top 3 Home Water Purification Systems

How do you know if you need a water purification system for your home? You can start by requesting a copy of the local water quality report, referred to as a CCR. Once you know which possible contaminants are in the water, then you can determine which type of water purification system will best fit your needs. Water testing to check your plumbing, which can add metals to the water over time, is also a must. If you don’t have the time or money to go through these steps to make sure your water is pure, you can start by installing a water purification system with a good filter. These filters are designed to remove lead, chloroform, and a wide range of organic contaminants like atrazine and benzene. There are three top-water purification system choices: a carafe water filter, the faucet-mounted water filter, or the countertop water filter system. Check out the top three home water purification systems here.

The number one carafe water purification system is the Clear20 CWS100A. Clear20 filtration pitchers filter out organic compounds and lead. It has a hose-fill system that cleans water quicker than most others of this type. This system features a filter-life indicator light so you can easily see when it’s time to change the filter. Unlike some of the other systems, it requires the hose to be attached to the water source to fill, which can cause some issues with faucet compatibility. Test runs on the Clear20 system showed it to be the best at reducing contaminants, including disinfectant byproducts and organic particulates. Users reported a noticeable taste difference, for the better, using this carafe-style water purification system. The best news is, it is affordable and incredibly durable. However, keep in mind that the filter needs to be replaced after about 50 gallons of water. It also requires some initial set-up for the hose connection to the faucet.

The best faucet water filter is the Culligan FM-15A. It has a simple design that attaches directly to your home kitchen faucet. However, there are mixed reviews on ease of installation related to how well it fits the faucet. The filter system includes all Class I particulates, such as lindane, lead, atrazine, turbidity, and it reduces organic parasites. The filter is NSF certified and rated by Consumer Reports as one of the best filters on the market. Consumers stated that there is a perceptible taste difference in water filtered through the Culligan FM-15A. The system has a diverter system to choose tap or filtered water. The most common complaint on the system is extremely slow water flow. The filter lasts through about 200 gallons of water, which is about every 2 months for most users. Despite that, this system received high marks overall.

The top choice for a countertop water purification system is the Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2. It’s a streamlined unit that is installed on the water faucet. A thin tube fills while a chrome dispenser allows for use without moving it. It features an advanced multi-stage granular system filter that removes up to 93% of chlorine, fluoride, and other contaminants. It is the only system outside of an RO system that removes fluoride. The filter will last through about 500 gallons of water, which is about 3 months for most users. Installation is quick, simple, and usually only takes a few minutes. The Home Master unit is easily portable, so you can take it with you traveling. Consumers rave about the water taste.