Top Productivity Apps

Top Productivity Apps

More and more people are now working for their firms remotely, or as independent freelancers, and without the structure of a traditional office environment, maintaining productivity has become a hot topic in professional circles. As with most everything else in life, yes, there is indeed an app for this! Productivity hacks continue to grow in popularity, and there are a multitude of available apps that can help improve productivity, no matter your typical work environment. If you are looking for some guidance on how to elevate your focus and work output, and wonder which apps are worth your time, take a look at these three proven winners. FocusList, Forest, and Mindfulness are all highly used, and with good reason.

FocusList allows users to list all of the day’s tasks and the approximate time to complete each one. These are then added to the built-in daily planner. FocusList will then calculate how long your day is going to take to complete. The app is a variation of the Pomodoro Method and will track your workflow as you focus on one task for a 25-minute work sprint. After a 5-minute break, you return to the task and follow the same time flows until the task is complete. The app compiles data throughout the day to help you measure productivity and efficiency. This app is currently available for $4.99.

For $1.99 the Forest app will help you to stay focused and allow you the opportunity to plant real trees through your use of the app. The basic premise is that you open the app and earn trees for the amount of time that you stay on the platform. The thinking is that as long as your phone is on the app rather than on social media or other time wasters, you will be more focused and productive. The app has partnered with Tree for the Future that will plant real trees as you earn them on your app.

Mindfulness is a free app that utilizes meditation to help you relax and thereby gain more focus in your everyday life. The app is useful for those just starting out on their mindfulness and meditation journey, and those that are more experienced with the practice. There is an introductory 5-day program that will introduce you to starting a meditation practice along with tips on how this focus can translate into most other areas of your life. Once you master the free hacks there are various subscription levels available.

Maintaining focus in today’s plugged-in world is challenging enough, and can prove even more difficult when working from home and left to your own devices. These top 3 apps can help you to stay productive throughout the day and also analyze your efficiency. Through task management, staying off of social media and other distracting platforms, and incorporating meditation into your daily routine, you are sure to create some useful habits that will improve your focus and productivity. Working outside of a dedicated office environment has many advantages and it is important that you don’t let your work out-put suffer due to too much independence.