Understanding Apple Pay and Google Wallet

Understanding Apple Pay and Google Wallet

Payment technology has increased substantially, and now services such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet allow you to shop with your phone; no cash or card necessary. Even if you are familiar with these two services and how they work, you may not know the finer points of how to use them, and if they are an appropriate choice for your life. Here are the logistics of how programs such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet actually work, where they can be used, and if they might be a good fit for your life as a consumer.

While offered by different companies, most of the pay-by-phone services work in the same manner. Apple, Android, and Samsung Pay, connect the service to one of your debit or credit cards and some require a thumbprint imprint at the time of purchase for added security. You simply wave your phone over any enabled credit card terminal where the applicable Pay logo is displayed. As the number of merchants that accept this payment option increases, it will become more convenient. Presently, you can use it online for a large number of purchases, with fewer options at physical stores available, simply select the Pay logo at the time of purchase.

Google Wallet is an actual card that Google sends to you when you sign up. You can transfer money to your wallet a variety of ways, either directly from your bank account or with a credit or debit card. Online just choose the Google Wallet icon, and in-person you use the card wherever debit and credit cards are accepted. The Google Wallet card makes this option much more user-friendly as it is a payment option wherever you could use any card. Because of this, many people are opting for both the Google Wallet and the Apple Pay feature.

Android also offers Android Pay which is very similar to its Apple counterpart. The main difference is that no thumbprint is required, you simply wave your phone over the card reader. Samsung also offers a similar feature for its users. If you are looking for convenience, the Pay features are not yet there. Once merchants begin to accept phone Pay services they will make your shopping experiences seamless but this is not currently the case.

With today’s current landscape, Google Wallet is the most readily accepted option that unfortunately, does still require you to carry a card. Wallet does allow you to combine all accounts onto one card thereby increasing the convenience factor, but you will still need to carry that one card.

If you are looking for convenience, check with your local merchants and frequent those that accept your preferred method of payment, encourage those who do not to take a look and see about offering it. It is only a matter of time that these payment options become more accepted and mainstream. Consumers are moving away from cash as a payment option, and services such as Apple Pay allow you to shop without carrying any type of cash or card.